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Women In digital Business - WIDB

Women In Digital Business

About the WIDB - Women In Digital Business Programme


Women in Digital business was established by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO) and Microsoft Philanthropies to bridge the digital divide for women entrepreneurs in the developing world. WIDB works to provide women entrepreneurs with training and coaching opportunities to build their digital skills and leverage them to grow their business.

Around the world, one in five women have the intention to start a business – and many are successful entrepreneurs.

Although many women run successful enterprises, persistent gendered inequalities create major disparities in opportunities to start and grow a business.

In fact, women are less likely to own a business than men and, when they do, they tend to have smaller, less formal, and less profitable enterprises.

With the rise of the digital economy, women have new opportunities to start and grow a business, but still face many challenges. In low- income countries especially, female small business owners lack the competencies to develop a digital transformation strategy and implement it. They need support services that help them to compare options, make the appropriate choices, align investments, implement their digitalization strategy, train workers and ensure durability.

In this context, equipping women entrepreneurs with digital skills is essential to the growth of their business


The WIDB foundations programme provides you with the basic skills and insights for digital entrepreneurship. You will explore a range of digital business solutions and evaluate their relevance and effectiveness for your enterprise. The foundations programme focuses on building an on-line presence and commercializing on-line, covering also the broader impacts of digital transformation on people and business processes.

Why digitalize
Learn why it is important for your business to digitalize and get to understand some of the key concepts.

Building an on-line presence
Learn about strategies to embark on a digital journey by building an on-line presence, either through social media, through messengers or by creating a website.

Selling on-line
Is e-commerce for you? What does it take to sell on-line, what are the different options, how to go about it?

Adapting other business processes
Get to understand the impacts of e-commerce on other business processes, such as receiving orders, collecting payments and delivering goods.

Who should attend?

Women in Digital Business is designed for women entrepreneurs who: 

  • Own or manage a formally or informally established enterprise with 0 to 20 employees
  • Have been in business for more than 6 months
  • Want to enhance the use of digital tools in their business
  • Can dedicate at least 25 hours to training
  • Can read and write in English and make basic calculations
  • Have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone

Interested? Find out more on WIDB 

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