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"As a Destination Marketing Organisation for Sub-Saharan Africa we have the obligation to continually promote sustainable and responsible tourism development to enhance the visitor experience for both, international and local travellers."

Enya Fehler - Founder of Africa Adventure

For the Traveller

At Africa Adventure we believe travel starts at home, checking out destinations, putting your priorities in order while planning your trip and having lots of fun doing so. We're obsessively passionate about travelling Africa, and our mission is to help you to do exactly that - TRAVEL AFRICA!

We focus on inspiring up to date information and are excited to simplify your holiday experience from the very beginning. You can browse the ever growing My Africa Adventure travel portal by map, country or keyword and get a feeling of what awaits you out there in Africa. Best of all, we are not hiding any contact details of any place listed on Africa Adventure! On the contrary, we ask you to deal directly from the beginning, because it's part of having fun planning your trip and getting the best travel deals possible.

For the Tourism Business

Becoming a Member of Africa Adventure

If you provide quality services to travellers within the listed countries of sub-saharan Africa and agree to adhere to our code of conduct including relevant government & travel industry regulations as well as all statutory requirements you are welcome to apply for membership to Africa Adventure.

Please note: Your membership will only become active once the required membership fee has been paid and we have verified your contact details.

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Membership to Africa Adventure

Apply for membership to Africa Adventure and be a verified service provider to local and international travellers.

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