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The Sustainable and Resilient Enterprises - SURE Tourism

Sustainable and Resilient Enterprises (SURE) workshop by Africa Adventure

Your ability as a business to predict the next crisis is impossible, but your ability to prepare for it is not!

In today's globalized world, businesses face a vast array of threats to their operations. The COVID-19 pandemic has underlined, as never before, that businesses need to be prepared to face unexpected events. In short, they need to be resilient and sustainable.

The Programme

Sustainable & Resilient Enterprise (SURE) training consists of six core modules teaching business leaders nine resilience practices that can be customized for their needs. Developed through a partnership by the ILO and GIZ, and with the support of a global advisory group, these modules are taught through a blended combination of webinars, self-guided eLearning, and individual coaching. You will create a business resilience strategy applicable to your specific needs by the end of SURE training.

SURE training allows for comprehensive crisis management planning and provides tangible processes for SME leaders to build user-friendly crisis management tools. This training empowers leaders and businesses to face and manage threats from any kind of hazard, crisis, or disaster.

Adapt your business to any disruption

The SURE training programme defines business resilience as "the ability of a business to anticipate and respond to crisis, not only to survive and recover but also to evolve." To do so, you need to build and strengthen three capacities within your business:

About SURE Tourism October / November 2022

The introduction of SURE Tourism (Sustainable and Resilient Enterprises in Tourism) to the industry in October 2022 was welcomed by more that 170 SME's who have enrolled to learn about not only surviving but also thriving during a crisis.

We could say much about the training but rather list some feedback received from participants:

"Firstly a huge thank you for the time and dedication you have given us during the training. It was well paced, content was excellent and support was always available. I assist management with the compilation of the risk assessment reports impacting the business. This training has given me the insight to improve on this report and provide a much broader approach to the risks at hand. This report continuously interrogates the micro and macro environments and the training material provided gives us a simplistic approach to adapt it to these situations. I will definitely be incorporating the learnings into future reports. Once again, thank you for your insight and guidance, it is really appreciated!"
Prashiga Peter, Senior Researcher, Durban ICC

"This was one of the best ideas to apply and finish the program. Companies should understand the value and enrichment a course like this may have for their businesses. At first I did not really understand with what value I will walk away. Thank you for this enormous blessing of a course you provided."
Mona Preller, Owner, Alles Magazine

"Following the programme, I have clear ideas of what I would we should be doing as a company to build resilience. The two aspects that stood out for me was staff training and putting together a playbook of any possible risks to make sure we are prepared and equipped to take on any challenges. I will be putting together a training and engagement plan which we will implement in the coming months and revise yearly. Well done on putting this together! I feel inspired and learned tons."
Eloise Williams, Marketing Manager, De Hoop Collection

"Thank you Enya, It was really a pleasant experience to deal with you and the other trainers. I am used to the corporate world and the standards set there. You and the Africa Adventure team compares excellent with the Sasol environment I worked in for more than 20 years. I really enjoyed the time on the course. May you impact on and assist many more business owners."
Jacqueline Porteus, Owner, Stoep Cafe

Find out more about SURE Tourism 

You are welcome to inquire about the SURE TOURISM Programme via:

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