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How to restart your business after a disaster such as COVID-19


After months of lockdown, many regions are moving towards a careful return to normality. Tourism businesses are starting to open their doors again, albeit with some changed operations and a new perspective. 

Once again we need to remember how important it is to never stop learning about our customers and target audience. Everything starts with knowing your customers. The more you know them, the better you can serve them. 

Restart Strategy Checklist


  • What do you want your business to be like beyond a disaster such as COVID-19?
  • Prepare business goals
  • Evaluate options for the business to change its business model
  • Prepare new cleaning & hygiene policy and procedures
  • Establish a new business plan


  • Evaluate and establish physical and social distancing requirements
  • Prepare policies for employee health measures


  • Re-establish relationships
  • Evaluate your suppliers to reduce overheads


  • Establish technology needs to meet your new business plan


  • Establish new cleaning & sanitizing procedures
  • Organize staff training


  • Establish your financial position and health
  • Understand your current cash position and ongoing operating costs.


  • Re-evaluate your staff requirements to meet business needs
  • Complete onboarding and training


  • Determine communication strategy
  • Evaluate your marketing plan an 
  • Broaden your marketing mix

Hospitality is about great service, but it's also about great marketing. The best hotel in the world is no good to anyone if no one knows about it!

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