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Africa Adventure opens Europe office!

Africa Adventure Tourism Network - European office

Fantastic news from the Africa Adventure Tourism Network! 

Opening the Africa Adventure Tourism Network marketing and sales office in March 2024 in Germany is a strategic move to tap into the heart of Europe and expand its reach. Germany is a key market with a strong travel and adventure culture, and having a presence there will undoubtedly help in attracting new customers for all members of the Africa Adventure Tourism Network.

The focus on informing and guiding "first timers" in making informed choices is essential for creating a positive and memorable experience. Additionally, motivating repeat visitors to explore off the beaten track in Southern Africa is a great way to showcase the diverse and unique offerings of the diverse region.

Having a dedicated and multi-lingual office in Europe will enhance communication, customer as well as member support, and overall engagement with the European market. It's an exciting step towards fostering stronger connections and partnerships within the tourism industry.

There is even more exciting news! The fact that the German office will be overseen by one of the directors of Africa Adventure Tourism Network in person adds a personal touch to the expansion. Having direct leadership involvement emphasizes the commitment and dedication to the success of the new venture.

This personal oversight will contribute to seamless operations, effective decision-making, and a smooth integration of the Africa Adventure Tourism Network's vision and values into the European market. It also sends a strong message to both clients and partners in Europe that the Africa Adventure Tourism Network is fully invested in providing top-notch services and experiences.

The hands-on approach from our marketing director not only ensures a consistent and high-quality service but also demonstrates a genuine passion for promoting southern Africa as a world class travel destination. This strategic decision will strengthen relationships, build trust, and enhance the overall reputation of the network in the European market.

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