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Sustainable and Resilient Enterprises (SURE)

Sustainable and Resilient Enterprises (SURE) workshop by Africa Adventure


Tourism is one of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Global tourism has experienced a 72% plunge as compared to the pre-pandemic year 2019. The crisis in the tourism sector is having severe impacts on income, employment and livelihood worldwide. Within the
tourism sector, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the most vulnerable to external shocks, as they can only count on limited financial buffers and response mechanisms.

Southern Africa is one of the most-affected regions worldwide by the crash in international tourism. Tourism employed nearly 1.600,000 people in the formal sector in 2019, which translates to about one in every 21 employed individuals. The number of international arrivals dropped from around 28 million in 2019 to around 7 million in 2021. In addition, SMEs in Southern Africa's tourism sector face frequent disruptions caused by utility outages, insecurity and droughts. Although the tourism sector in Southern Africa is expected to rebound and grow, SMEs need to be prepared for the next crisis!

Africa Adventure Academy aims to support the recuperation of the tourism sector in Southern Africa as a whole and of its members in particular, by offering the "Sustainable and Resilient Enterprises (SURE) workshop".


The Sustainable and Resilient Enterprises (SURE) workshop seeks to strengthen the capacities of SMEs to prepare, respond, and adapt to the impact of hazards such as disasters, conflict, pandemics and others.

SMEs that participate in the SURE workshop will develop resilience strategies that are tailor-made to their unique business profile and risk exposure.

With its focus on business resilience, the SURE methodology goes a step beyond classical business continuity planning and introduces aspects of business adaptation, digital transformation and staff development to help SMEs become agile, shore up vulnerabilities and build the necessary human elements that are key to business resilience.


If you are a business (SME) with more than two years of operation in the tourism sector, established management capacities and have 10 or more staff members you are encouraged to apply to the Sustainable and Resilient Enterprises (SURE) workshop facilitated by Africa Adventure Academy.


The Sustainable and Resilient Enterprises (SURE) workshop spans a total of three (3) weeks with a number of webinars, e-learning units and e-coaching sessions that cover the different aspects of business resilience and targets both individual business owners and management teams. 

The complete SURE workshop is valued internationally at 1500 Euro but we, the Africa Adventure Academy, are in the business of fostering tourism companies throughout Southern Africa, so we offer it to our Africa Adventure members at ZAR1500 - a fraction of the international price! If you are not a member of Africa Adventure and like to participate, you would need to add a one year membership subscription at R990 onto it.

If you wish to apply for the SURE workshop held in August 2022 please send an email to by not later than Tuesday 12 July 2022

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If you provide quality services to travellers within the listed countries of sub-saharan Africa and agree to adhere to our code of conduct including relevant government & travel industry regulations as well as all statutory requirements you are welcome to apply for membership to Africa Adventure.

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